Raise your hand if your organization needs a creative infusion

I’ll lead you and your team through the proven Creative Trespassing process, which will transform the way you see everyday symbols, relationships and spaces in order to give you the push to take action in service of your organization’s How. As Simon Sinek skillfully explained the importance of us finding our reason or Why, Creative Trespassing will create a bridge from Why to How. From purpose to plan.

Participants will learn how to find their creative spark in the dark, in the most surprising places, like, lobbies, cubicles, boardrooms and bathrooms. If you’re ready to experience the power of shifting your perception and taking action, I can show you how to transform your thinking, and company culture, from adequate to a-freaking-mazing.

Creative Trespassing: sneaking creativity into all the nooks + crannies of your work

This workshop will show participants the power of connecting two seemingly disparate ideas in order to create new meaning, customers and engagement. Creativity is the act of using your imagination to come up with new ideas, to innovate. Trespassing is sneaking into spaces you don’t belong. You will give yourself permission to take your imagination and ideas, everything that makes you uncommon and awesome, and go into restricted spaces on purpose! We are going to scale imaginary walls and bust open silos in order to see the space in between work and life; between human creativity and deliverables; between what we do and who we are as a brilliant bridge not a vast chasm.


  • Growth Mindset Reboot: how to embrace and reframe everyday challenges, distractions and obstacles as awesome catalysts for creating compelling change.
  • Clear methods for practicing creativity every day that lead to long-term productivity.
  • Infusing imagination into all projects, even ones the seem dusty, stale or just plain crappy.
  • Unsticking your creative thinking to generate surprising solutions to the most challenging issues.

Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box to Build Wildly Successful Campaigns + Programs

In this dynamic workshop, you and your team will learn the BIG secret to creating viral campaigns and groundbreaking programs and be given the tools to DIY. I’ll share secrets and stories from my own experiences as co-creator of the internationally viral campaign: #ItWasNeverADress for Axosoft, as well as other successes and failures from the frontlines of an everyday disruptor. The foundation of this workshop is creating an innovative work environment through collaboration and inclusivity (the secret sauce). By the end of the workshop you and your team will have at least one BIG idea for a groundbreaking campaign or program and an Action Plan to bring that sucka to life!


  • Discovering the gift of constraints, e.g. Cubicles have no ceilings, therefore, there are no limits!
  • Overcoming obstacles to creative action by embracing them.
  • Forming an inclusive and diverse collaborative team who are cross-functioning inside and out.
  • The ROI of Brand Awareness.
  • Turning everyday symbols upside down, inside out and finding new meaning.
  • How to start making your mark and inspiring others to make their marks too.

To Be Agile, Or Not To Be Agile: that is the question

Agile practitioners are constantly striving to improve their processes and delivery to gain a competitive edge. In order to become a cross-functional—T-shaped—rock star, you have to be open to learning from other disciplines and adapting quickly. I know a little something about crossing disciplines, collaborating, and adapting at a breakneck pace: I have a degree in theatre and experience in software development! I'll help you find your inner T so that you’ll have the breadth and depth to take on the unpredictability of software/culture/life development with the imagination and insights of a playwright.


  • How principles from theatre and visual arts can be applied to creating a more relevant and resonant brand, software and work culture.
  • Tools for successfully engaging Product Owners, Project Managers, Developers, Customers and Colleagues (dialogue = yes, soliloquy = no way)
  • Using Agile methodology to create deeply empowered and collaborative cross-functional teams.
  • How to move quickly and consciously.

All Workshops are interactive and available in half-day, full-day or multiple-day format. They can be customized for your needs. Wanna learn more about how I can help you transform your team’s thinking, doing and action?