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Inspirational speaker. cape Crusader. creative trespasser.

Tania Katan is known far and wide as a funny, thoughtful, and dynamic speaker who inspires everyone from twelve-year-old girls yearning to become future tech leaders, to today’s tech leaders wanting to disrupt the future, to marketing professionals striving to find more creative expression for their ideas, to brands trying to tell more authentic stories to their customers, to teams and companies from around the globe who long to have more creative options for doing less technically “creative” work.

Past Speaking Events + Clients (selected)

She has been a featured speaker at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, and organizations of all stripes including American Express, Etsy, Moz, Expedia, Humana, Carbon, CiscoLive!, S.H.E. Summit, Business of Software, Lesbians Who Tech, Landmark Ventures CIO Summit, Social Innovation Summit, TEDx NCSSM, TEDx Scottsdale, Women in Automotive, GoDaddy, American Alliance for Museums, Girls Who Tech, CreativeMornings, House of Genius, Comedy Central Stage, and more.


Creative Trespassing: How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel and Sneak More Imagination into Your Life and Work

Peppered with stories of her own workplace shenanigans- from organizing an arm wrestling match in the middle of an art museum to staging a corporate culture intervention via post-its, - Katan empowers people and companies to be a little unruly, a lot imaginative, and sneak more creativity into less overtly creative spaces like cubicles, boardrooms, lobbies, and bathrooms.

The ability to conjure imagination in any place, at any time, knowing it will make you (and those around you) more innovative, more energized, and more valuable in your work and in the world, is the foundation for Creative Trespassing. When you’re ready to find inspiration where others see only limitation…it’s time for Creative Trespassing!

It Was Never A Dress: Embrace Your Inner Cape Crusader and Lead with More Creativity, Curiosity, and Courage

As Co-Creator of the internationally viral empowerment campaign #ItWasNeverADress, Katan knows a little something about sneaking your superpower into everyday life in order to start a creative revolution.

From an unexpected call from a super hip software company, Axosoft stating, “We’d love to talk with you about software.” To Katan believing they had the wrong number because she knew NOTH-ING about software! At that point in her career, she thought Linux was a character in the Peanuts comic strip and digital whiteboarding was a torture technique. To Axosoft and Katan deciding to take a leap of faith together and explore the possibilities of merging diverse superpowers. To a wildly successful campaign that continues to inspire millions of people and organizations around the globe to see women differently.

And now, Katan has a map for you to find your superpowers and use them for good, too! She will share uniquely developed exercises for flexing your creative muscles, funny stories from the frontlines of an everyday disruptor, and enough inspirational mantras to help you take flight every single day, like: Fear Is So Last Year!

Every superhero has an origin story, what’s yours?

Audiences: Tech companies and conferences, women empowerment & leadership conferences, business + marketing conferences, universities, and arts & design organizations and conferences.

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