Tania Katan is a dynamic keynote speaker, actually, her talks are more like performances, with stories, insights and new ideas, she knows how to engage, entertain and inspire diverse audiences to take action! Whether she's speaking to 200, 12 yr-old girls, 500 CIOs, 1,000 leaders from the arts, 5,000 marketing professionals, or 20,000 employees from around the world, she brings infectious energy and good humor to every talk she gives. She was recruited by the United States Speaker Program to speak and empower people at embassies and consulates around the world. If that ain't a mic drop...what is?!

Past Speaking Events + Clients (selected):

NPR Snap Judgement, Social Innovation Summit, Women's Choice Awards Marketing Summit, TEDx, Business of Software, Comedy Central Stage, American Express, S.H.E. Summit, Etsy, Agile Gravy, gyro, Carbon3D, Lesbians Who Tech, HRC, Breast Cancer Action + a ton more. Here are two of my TEDx Talks:

TEDx NCSSM: Tania Katan discusses her creative instigations and the internationally viral campaign #ItWasNeverADress.


Creative Trespassing

How to sneak creativity into all the nooks and crannies of your work and life in order to start a creative revolution! Tania will share personal stories from the frontlines of an everyday disruptor including: driving 400 miles to drop off her resume because the job posting said, “No phone calls, please”; encouraging thousands of people to arm wrestle in a museum; doubling her salary without permission; redefining Cubicle Culture; and co-creating the internationally viral campaign—#ItWasNeverADress—that received over 30 million organic impressions, becoming a symbol of empowerment to people, organizations and movements around the world! This talk will empower people and companies to be a little unruly, color outside the lines, and disrupt the status quo in ways that benefit everyone.

The Power of Storytelling to Propel Your Startup From Launch to Taking Flight

Are you launching a startup? Are you an entrepreneur about to blast off? Are you equipped to handle the panic and sheer exhilaration of sending your business, idea, movement into orbit and waiting for the first click, like, retweet, conversion? As an official and unofficial Brand Evangelist, Tania is gonna show you how to convert people from the moment you tell ‘em your startup storycan I get a witness? In this sermon, Katan will preach the good word of startup stories, showing you how the foundation of a powerful launch, is always a powerful story.

From Dreaming to Doing: The United State of Women Summit

Invited to the White House’s United State of Women Summit as a “Changemaker”, Tania will share inspirational stories from leaders, activists and, yep, the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, on how women (and men) are taking action to change the landscape of technology, entrepreneurship, healthcare and beyond. This lively, interactive, talk will show participants how to become a Changemaker on the job and in the job of life.

Innovating From Within: How to Disrupt Technology with Empathy

As someone who has made a career bridging the gap between arts and technology, between the somatic and systematic, Tania has made a compelling discovery: Arts and Tech both have the power to make the invisible, visible. This talk will make the argument that arts and tech need to combine forces to create more depth, inspiration and empathy. You’ll learn about provocative people and projects combining forces to bring more visibility to those people, ideas and communities who are still invisible.

Humor + Healing = My One Night Stand With Cancer

An evening of humor, inspiration and storytelling with Tania Katan from her award-winning memoir, My One Night Stand With Cancer. When Tania Katan was 21 years old she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She survived, minus a breast. Exactly 10 years later it happened again. By age 31 Katan was a two-time breast cancer survivor with the scars to prove it and a sense of humor forged by the unthinkable. She will share stories of pink ribbons, neurotic family members, and running topless 10ks. An unforgettable account of survival, healing and humor that will motivate you to survive, heal and laugh in the face of illness a whole lot more.

More Topics Include: empowering women in male-dominated fields; creative writing and finding your voice; LGBTQ + more.

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