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photo by jill richards photography     

Pick my brain...I dare you

I refuse to let you hide behind excuses, fear and mustaches any longer! It's time to take your brand, company, team, and ideas to the next level and I've got the brain to help you do just that. My brainbox runneth over, for real, it's like my brain has been called upon to serve as a creativity factory, churning out some pretty effing awesome ideas for even awesomer people and companies (A+E, HBO, Humana, CEOs, Authors, Curators + more). For a 60-minute phone call or Skype consultation you can pick away!

My Brain is Best Picked for

  • Branding: Everything from name development to brand stories to re-branding.
  • Storytelling: Creating authentic and engaging stories that invite people to feel, to be moved, to start a movement in the forms of: campaigns, video scripts, taglines + narrative forms yet to be discovered.
  • Humor: As a powerful strategy for engaging audiences + customers with difficult topics and concepts.
  • Creative Mojo: Maybe you lost your spark, your superhero powers are in hiding, you've traded in your paintbrush, the stage, singing, conceptual thinking for a a wide necktie or ill-fitting work-skirt and you want to remember (or know for the first time) that you have some secret sauce?! I can help you find your Creative Mojo and give you resources to sustain it.
  • Wildcard: You ask me. I can handle it.

What do you get out of this, tania?

  • 350 bucks.
  • The sheer delight of helping you, your company, your brand and your brain.
  • Who knows, maybe we'll start a, ahem, relationship (professional, of course).

Let's do this!

Please fill out the request below, hit the PayPal button and I'll follow-up within 48 hours to schedule our brain picking session. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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