Ted Cruz is my HERO and I’ll tell you why! / by Tania Katan

Well, first you should know: there are two Ted Cruzes. True story. Ted Cruz from Texas and Ted Cruz from Arizona. And like some epic morality play, there is a protagonist Ted and an antagonist Ted. Sometimes they switch roles, but stay with me, the storyline is simple to follow.

In this morality play, both are aiming to represent humanity, both are being challenged by notions of good and evil, and both are Everyman!  

The play starts with Texas Ted Cruz announcing his candidacy for president. Then, he (being super tech savvy), enters his full name, plus .com into the search bar to find… ANOTHER TED CRUZ is ruling HIS domain! Some screaming, crying and threats to shut down the government ensue. Scene Two: Arizona Ted Cruz gets a call from Texas Ted’s “people.” They make Arizona Ted Cruz a modest proposal: We will give you a lot of money, and you will give us your domain. In that moment, Arizona Ted Cruz had a major moral decision to make! See, Arizona Ted possesses slightly different political views than his Texas counterpart. The question hung in the air for Arizona Ted like a thick cloud of smoke from a Texas barbecue cookin’ up some steaks! Take the money, or take a stand? The stakes were high and the other steaks smelled so damn good! What was he gonna do?!

Now, we’re going to take a 20-minute Intermission. Just kidding!

So, here’s how Arizona Ted Cruz answered his big ol’ morality question.

In my constant quest to find my own purpose or purpi (that’s a word, right?), I recently asked the following question on Facebook: What's your purpose? How does it connect to all of humanity? Is this something you think about too?

63 people commented immediately! Almost all of the responses said, “I think about this all the time.” Here are some of them:

“To make art accessible for everyone.” 
“Help hose who suffer from severe and often terminal illnesses with foods made from my garden.”
“For me my purpose comes from a Zoroastrian saying ... Goftare Nik, Pendare Nik, Kerdare Nik. Translation: Say good. Think good. Do good."
“Helping somebody else get up the rung of the ladder you just climbed.”

After reading all of these thoughtful comments, and learning about Arizona Ted Cruz, the only question left to ask is: What do WE stand for? When will we take a stand, start a movement, and create more visibility and voice for our fellow human beings? I don’t have the answers. I’m starting to find clues as I explore this deep and wily terrain. I believe in storytelling at all costs; I love creating conditions where people can find, and use, their voice; and connecting with people in real time, exchanging energy, ideas, and stories is why my degree in theatre pays off every single day of my life! 

What do you stand for? I’m listening.