3 Creative Ways to #GiveTuesday and Beyond! / by Tania Katan


'Tis the season to spend money, time and energy investing in crappy plastic stuff or... Creative ideas, organizations and mighty actions! Here are 3 ways to support creativity this holiday season!

1. Support a museum that exists inside of you!

Museum of Walking founded in 2014, in one of the least walkable cities in the nation, Phoenix, Museum of Walking (MoW) is the only museum in the United States dedicated to the practice of walking as an art form. How effing cool is that?! Answer: Very. OH, and the physical museum space is in a super small, rundown office! The point? That the museum of walking is inside of us!

There are regular artist-lead walks that invite us to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect with each other and move with the landscape in a mindful way. As an active walker, these walks are transformative, leading us from the poetic to the political, the mundane to the ceremonial, and promoting a way of listening to the world.

Donate a few tax-deductible shekels to MoW

2. Give the gift that matters...grey matter!

It’s time to Pick My Brain! What better gift to give a colleague, friend, parent, stressed out boss, mentee than a little piece of my wildly creative, caring and focused brain! For. Real.

'Tis the season to take your idea, company, team, and creative mojo to the next level and I've got the brain to help you do just that. My brain has come up with some awesome ideas for even awesomer people and companies (A+E, HBO, CEOs, Authors, Curators, Social Workers, People of all stripes + more).

For a 60-minute phone call or Skype session I charge 350 clams (although my mom says I should charge a million), however, from now until January 3rd, you can pick this gray matter for $297!

To give the gift of grey matter...click HERE

 3. Be mighty!

There, I said it. How many times (a day) are you like:

I want to give a TED talk someday.
I’m ready to start a movement!
I’m gonna ask for a freaking raise already!

And then, how many times (a day) are you like:

Public speaking is the number fear of most people, so I’ll just pace myself.
I’ll totally start a movement after I’m finished watching Season 3 of Transparent.
My salary is 50% less than the national average, and my boss is kind of a bully, but I’ve been in abusive relationships before, only this one pays me, so it’s not that bad...right?

This holiday season give yourself the gift of being mighty! It starts with taking action. Just one teeny tiny action a day towards something that you’ve dreamed of doing and that totally terrifies you.

Today's Teeny Tiny Action:

  • Write the title of your speech.
  • Come up with one concern or cause that you want to champion.Acknowledge one skill that you bring to your work that is totally unique.
  • Hire a coach, create a support team or commit to journal writing....develop a regular rhythm of accountability.
  • Tomorrow: Add another tiny action, freak out, move forward anyway, celebrate often, repeat. 

For more creative inspiration, listen to my recent interview on NPR’s Arizona affiliate, KJZZ!