Consulting with a Twist

I will be your very own Creative-in-Residence. A few innovative companies have an Artist-in-Residence, like, Autodesk, Google, Facebook, Amtrak. The difference is I’m not working on a sculpture or book, instead, I’m working with YOU, your team and culture to help identify obstacles that are stopping creativity, collaboration, innovation and employee engagement.  I’ll show you how to find, empower and motivate the creative people and ideas that have been hiding in your organization, right under your nose. By the end of this "residency", you will have the tools and strategies to spark and sustain a more creative team, brand and culture.

Proven outcomes :

  • Brand realignment (gettin' the spine of your company strong again).
  • An Action Plan that is actually actionable.
  • Stronger Positioning Statement.
  • Quickly accessing creative thinking to generate campaigns, content, leads and customer acquisition.
  • Less $$ spent on generating all of the above. Yep.
  • Employee engagement through the freaking roof. That's what you get when you champion your team... A Team of Champions.
  • More innovation and collaboration company-wide; across department, disciplines and job titles. 
  • Productivity and focus skyrocket, while lethargy, apathy and other words that end with "thy" skip town.
  • A surplus of energy, joy and creative momentum that will continue to weave in and out of the office (and your life) longer after I peace out.
  • A powerful foundation to leap from again and again and again.

innovative Ideas

Sometimes, you need an Outsider on the Inside of your business, event, mind, to spark a company name, a tagline, global campaign, a unique speech, an engaging story, experiential marketing and a whole ocean full of other ideas just waiting to increase your personal and professional ROI. Here's how I can help:

  • Leading brainstorming sessions with you and your team.
  • Do the heavy lifting and write Purpose Statements, Taglines, Scripts,  Story of your Why + How.
  • Generating conceptual ideas to amplify what you stand for!